Valuations & Engraving

Valuations, Insurance and Engraving

Jewellery & Gift Engraving

The importance of jewellery valuations for insurance replacement is only really evident should the fateful day arise whereby you need to make a claim against a loss.

Our professional jewellery valuer, a trained gemmologist,  provides our jewellery valuation service.

We will book in your jewellery for appraisal and once completed you will receive a full written valuation for each item including a colour photograph. Alternatively, jewellery may be left for valuation at either our Lewes or Eastbourne showrooms at any time.

We carry out jewellery valuations on a weekly basis; the items will be ready for collection within one week with the paperwork following on very soon afterwards.  Goods are described and valued on the premises and insured under our policy whilst in our care.  It is often helpful to view a previous valuation.

We are also able provide a valuation service for a wide range of other items such as watches and antiques.


On-site Valuation Service

To differentiate between costly natural gemstones dug from the earth and their inexpensive synthetic or imitation counterparts made in a factory, a vast amount of experience is required. Not only does it require a battery of scientific instruments, but also the skill and knowledge to interpret the information obtained from them – W.E. Clark & Son have these tools, the knowledge and the experience:

Identification – The testing of precious metals, platinum, gold and silver etc., is a highly skilled operation.  There are many precious alloys and plated materials on the market to trap the inexperienced valuer.

Value – To calculate replacement values, the valuer needs qualifications and years of experience.  To value antiques, recent experience of buying and selling them is essential.  We sometimes obtain a second opinion, but we will not accept anything we do not feel competent to value.

The Schedule – Each item is fully described with sufficient accurate detail for ownership to be proved and for replacements to be supplied should they be lost.  Basic descriptions such as “Solitaire Diamond Ring  -  £500.00” are not acceptable.

Fees are payable on collection of the goods. V.A.T. is included.

For insurance replacement, private sale, or division:

£40.00 (every 10 items) + 1.5%  of the total value of the items.

For Probate:

£75.00 fee for up to 20 items, £100 fee for 21 items and over.

Our valuer is both FGA and DGA qualified (a qualified gemmologist) which means that your are able to leave your items in expert hands, and you are assured that you get an exact appraisal of your items.


Lost or Stolen Letter Service

We are affiliated to LMG (Loss Management Group) and most of the major insurance companies. Simply inform your insurers that you would like to deal with W. E. Clark & Son.

We are able to accept Insurers Gem-cheques in either our Lewes or Eastbourne showroom.

Please Note: Many insurers may direct you towards a high street chain, yet on many occasions you will not receive a like for like replacement. Please remember that you pay your insurance premiums and that it is your decision as to where you replace your lost or stolen items.

Lost or stolen letter fee: £40.00, which is refundable if the item is replaced with W.E. Clark & Son.

Hand Engraving

A specialist craft, hand engraving is a beautiful way to personaliseyour item. There are many styles of typeface to select from, and indeed as this is carried out by hand you can be quite specific in your requirement.
We are able to discuss this further at either our Lewes or Eastbourne showrooms.

Machine Engraving

We have invested in the latest equipment which enables us to engrave almost any item in-house. The machine is capable of engraving over 200 fonts, and onto any metal or even glass. If you have a logo or other photo we have the ability to vectorise the image enabling us to engrave it onto the item.

We sell many items within our two showrooms that we are able to personalise for you.

Seal Engraving

The art of seal engraving is one that when done to the level that we offer, is truly incredible. It may be that you have an existing family seal, and you would like another ring created for a family member. Or it may be the first time you have thought about having your own family seal engraved. Here at W.E. Clark & Son we are in possession of some rare books of heraldry, meaning we are able to assist you in finding your family seal. Our craftsman can engrave onto gold or platinum, and gemstone.