Ring Sizing

Making sure that you have the correct size ring is essential – your ring must be comfortable, but not so loose that you are at risk of losing it! We will measure you for your new ring ensuring that it fits snugly and comfortably.

Ensuring Your Correct Ring Size

To measure your fingers, we have a set of gauge rings that enable us to size your ring perfectly. The rings come in different widths and circumference so we can match it to your ring accurately. All of our sales associates are trained to take these important measurements and you’ll find them helpful and friendly when you visit our shops in Lewes or Eastbourne.

If you are going to surprise a loved one with a gift, but are not sure of their ring size, just bring in one of their rings that you know fits well on the correct finger. Please try to find a ring with a similar style and band to the one you intend to purchase.

Factors Which May Affect Ring Sizing

Our fingers can change in size over the course of the day due to diet or work. If it’s particularly hot or cold, exercise, water retention, humidity all affect our hands. Pregnant women often find their rings becoming uncomfortably tight! Our trained staff will be able to advise and have the experience to take these factors into account to help you get the perfectly fitted ring.

Ring Sizing Guide

To help you work out your correct ring size, we have created this ring sizing guide which you can print out to help you identify your ring size. Click here to download it.

Ring Resizing

If you have a ring which no longer fits – either because it’s too large or too small we may be able to help. Your ring may be able to be resized by our specialist jeweller. Most rings can be resized, but to find out do get in touch either by telephone, using our Ask Mr Clark feature or by calling into one of our Lewes or Eastbourne Jewellery Shops.