Diamond Guarantee

W. E. Clark & Son 10-Year Gemstone Guarantee

As a long established family jewellers we pride ourselves on possessing the expertise and experience necessary to select fine diamonds and gemstones worthy of beautiful jewellery. We adhere to exacting standards in choosing and creating our jewellery and our desire to offer excellent service extends to providing the Clark 10-Year Guarantee on all purchases of gemstone jewellery.

10-Year Gemstone Guarantee Summary*

  • We guarantee to repair damage to settings and to replace lost stones for 10 years from the date of purchase.**
  • We guarantee to provide a free written valuation of your diamond jewellery every three years.
In addition
  • We guarantee a lifetime part-exchange value of the original purchase price of your jewellery on the purchase of a new item that is double or more than that price.
  • We guarantee to clean and polish your jewellery throughout its lifetime.

Triennial Gemstone Valuation

Precious metal and gemstone prices fluctuate over time and in order that you have an accurate valuation we shall provide you with an insurance valuation, free of charge, every three years. This will take 72 hours. Please retain your receipt and previous valuations and bring them together with your jewellery when this is carried out.

Lifetime Part-Exchange Value

W. E. Clark & Son guarantee a lifetime original purchase price part-exchange value on a new purchase of double the cost of the original item. The original item must be accompanied by evidence of completed bi-annual inspections dated and signed by an authorised sales consultant of W. E. Clark & Son.

Example of a Lifetime Part-Exchange Value:

Original Purchase Price £ 1000.00
New Purchase Price £ 2500.00
Part-Exchange Value £ 1000.00
Outstanding Balance £ 1500.00

Lifetime Cleaning

We shall clean and polish your jewellery to restore its original sparkle throughout its lifetime! Call into one of our showrooms where we can usually do this while you wait or if we are especially busy book your jewellery in for later collection.

*Terms and Conditions of the Gemstone Guarantee

Failure to comply with the following terms and conditions invalidates the 10-year Gemstone Guarantee.

W. E. Clark & Son shall inspect your jewellery bi-annually.
We shall contact you via e-mail at 6-monthly intervals and invite you to bring your jewellery into our showroom for inspection.
All recommended repairs must be carried out exclusively by W. E. Clark & Son.
Jewellery must be maintained exclusively by W. E. Clark & Son.
Repair to damage or replacement of lost stones shall not be covered by our guarantee if we deem this to be due to wear and tear**.

Jewellery Care

**Abrasive surfaces, harsh chemicals and sharp blows may prove detrimental to even the most durable of gemstones. It is advisable to remove your jewellery when undertaking activities which may damage it.

Storing Jewellery

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man and capable of scratching each other or any other gemstone. All gemstones are capable of scratching each other or anything which is not as hard as itself. It is recommended that jewellery be stored in its original presentation box or in separate compartments to avoid this.