Diamond Care

A guide to safe and effective diamond cleaning and ways to keep your diamonds sparkling.

Although diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, they need careful cleaning to ensure that they keep their brilliance. Everyday substances – perfume, soap, make-up, hand lotions and hair styling products, all leave a film of dirt on the stone, and, in time, can take the sparkle off your diamond. Diamonds can not simply be revived with any old cleanser, which can do more harm than good by damaging the surface. Diamonds are especially susceptible to damage by bleach and other strong household cleaning products, so it’s advisable either to wear gloves or take your rings off when using these harsh substances.

Diamond Cleaning Step-by-Step

Here is the gentle and effective way to clean diamonds:

1. Soak your diamond in a warm solution of a mild liquid detergent.

2. If the item is particularly dirty, brush it gently with a soft brush. Be sure not to use one that could scratch the setting.

3. Rinse thoroughly in warm water.

4. Dry with a lint free cloth.

Diamond Care

A final word on storage – always keep your diamonds in a proper jewellery case separate from other jewellery. You will have been served with one when buying from W E Clark & Son. Never store them loose in a draw as diamonds can scratch each other and other jewellery.