The Rotary Club of Lewes Castle in Rwanda

John Clark’s first visit to Rwanda was in January 2006. The Rotary Club of Lewes Castle had raised £5000 to provide a mobile aids testing facility

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A very special gentlemen’s ring

Our customer asked us to combine three separate rings, all of which were of significant sentimental value to him.

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A spectacular and unique ring

We were recently commissioned to create “A spectacular and unique ring” – here is the story.

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Ring Sizing

Making sure that you have the correct size ring is essential - your ring must be comfortable...

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Diamond Cleaning

A guide to safe and effective diamond cleaning and ways to keep your diamonds sparkling...

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Diamond Confidence

When you consider purchasing a piece of diamond jewellery you will be looking at the Cut, the Clarity...

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Diamond Cut

Cut is the only diamond characteristic directly influenced by man - the other three are dictated by nature...

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Diamond Clarity

Our most precious area of gemstone knowledge concerns the selling of diamonds. We frequently refer to the...

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Diamond Carat Weight

Diamond Carat Weight...

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Diamond Colour

Although it is generally thought that diamonds are colourless, there are actually a wide range of hues which can greatly affect value...

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